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10​-​4 Good Brother

by Handsome Lady Records

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Bad Men 04:04
Aint gonna sign no record deal A million dollars on a spinning wheel All the people knockin’ on my door No wonder why I don’t live there no more Record man Better make a new plan! Aint gonna pay no overdraft Don’t cut no checks I’m strictly cash Use my receipts for rolling dope Burn it up and call it smoke Bankman! Better make a new plan! Aint gonna buy your gasoline No diesel choke gonna harsh my scene Drill your holes all by yourselves I get my fuel from a wishing well Oil man! Better make a new plan! Aint gonna watch me no more news I’ll watch the rain if I want the blues 24 hrs. to sell a war Make it 25 to sell some more News man! Better make a new plan! Record Man Tax Man Oil Man News Man Better make a new plan! There’s a kind of gentlemen in the world Some call em ladies some call em girls Men have fucked it up enough This world needs a woman’s touch Whoa-Man!... I like your plans!
Hustle Man 03:18
Hustle Man I was sweating like a killer when I flew into Manilla for my contact I was ducking every eye just waiting for my guy so we could switch bags I hustle high Babe, I hustle true A hustle man gonna hustle you Watch this hustle go through I swear that I was followed through the alleys of Morocco by a kingpin I was holding for a friend when the bargaining began and I was out manned Hustle Man gonna hustle you Hustle Man… Tried to get to Mogadishu ‘fore the verdict could be issued I was waylaid A pretty smile in a cantina from a sentimental chica caused the delay I lost all my belief in a brothel in Belize when I was handcuffed My honey took my money but the money it was funny what a hand-off I was sure it’d be all over when I went to Barcelona for my paycheck The man there wouldn’t pay so I blew him right away and left the interest I thought I had it made when I slipped out of Belgrade without a stab wound A scuffle and a tussle won the argument with muscle I was en route Drug ringer, gun slinger, mother lover, blowin covers Prize fighter, Friday nighter … Hustle Man
Driving in his Malibu Green as any day Driving in his Malibu Put your ashes in the trays Driving in his Malibu… Whoo-hoo! Feels Good! Riding on her motorbike Long as any night Riding on her motorbike Can’t be afraid to die Riding on her motorbike… Whoo-hoo! Feels Good! Bought a pair of roller-skates Made my getaway Bought a pair of roller-skates Looping round the driveway Bought a pair of roller-skates… Whoo-hoo! Feels Good! Put on a pair of canvas shoes Walked a lonely mile Gave away my canvas shoes Made a baby smile Gave away my canvas shoes… Whoo-hoo! Feels Good!
Elvis Lives 03:36
I had an idea when I was a child A young man can make his way in the Hollywood style Gates would unlock, doors would open wide Just a foolish idea in the mind of a foolish child Elvis Elvis lives I believe the whispers Elvis lives I lost my songs at the bottom of a tin can When I made some calls to find them they belonged to another man A man’s got no friends when he’s holding a winning hand But if words were keys I’d have talked my way into graceland In between the A’s and the B’s Of the 45 sleeves I believe Somewhere ‘tween here and my dreams The back row girls scream And I believe Take a final breath and dive down deeper than I ever have The water may be cold, but it’s warmer than my past If I turn my head I might still see the sunlight flash I know the pearl exists I just don’t know if I can last
Oh my my oh my my The clouds are filling up the skies The tears that fall so soon will rise Oh my, me oh my Oh my my oh my my The wind sings us a lullabye When troubles come she blows them by Oh my, me oh my Crying on the courthouse steps Your make-up stains your wedding dress There’s something you need to confess You hold my hands and I hold my breathe Oh my me oh my Oh my my oh my my The clouds are filling up the skies The tears that fall so soon will rise Oh my, me oh my One foot on the courthouse steps In a borrowed suit and a wedding vest Oh, babe you made this such a mess Let’s count to ten and take a breath If I forgive will you forget Oh my me oh my Oh my my oh my my The wind sings us a lullabye When troubles come she blows them by Oh my, me oh my Walk back up the courthouse steps You fix my tie babe I’ll fix the rest You take right and I’ll take left Smile for the witnesses Two kids waiting to be blessed This is life and nothing less Oh my me oh my Oh my me oh my!
Coal Fire 05:44
You bring the light cat's eyes in a jungle night Naked as a drum I'll bring the fuel Sets fire at the site of you We don't need the sun We burn like a coal fire A coal fire Burning like a coal fire A coal fire We’re diamonds in a coal fire A coal fire We burn like a coal fire A coal fire Smoke out the sky Hold your breath and stay alive Feel our bodies hum In a world grown deaf The hollow hills have nothing left Look how precious fuel's become They see ashes I see diamonds They see people I see diamonds They see ashes I see diamonds They see people I see diamonds
Take a walk down Avenue C You’ll see nobody else like me You can tell by the cut of my jeans by the way I'm dragging my feet Baby, I'm a slow burner I'm a slow burning man I'm a slow burner But I'm a fast learning man Never been sweet on the single scene, I'm a third date on two feet Lennox avenue to christopher street there's a smile on every face I meet Turn my radio dial back down to the sounds of '73 Cool funk is my signature sound I take time laying down that beat
I’m singing this song for all the sinners in the room We know who we are and why we do what we do We love too hard too fast too loose We love too deep too dear too soon Sinners and lovers Cry out your complaints No one will meet us at the prison gates Sinners and lovers Cry out your complaints The echo is hollow but don't it sound great I fall in love a dozen times a day I promise them all promises better men would never make My heart is always true but my mind is a wave It billows, it builds, it peaks and it brakes I had a brother who was simple and strong His only plan was to make no plans at all He slept deeply at night without a trouble or a care No dreams, no drama, no danger no prayer I saw myself so clearly upon the widest stage The songs that I'd be singing would ring out, never fade I'd speak for the people too quiet and afraid O! to sing something true, delicate, and brave What is a sinner but a man too weak to win What is a lover who cannot love within What is a life but a row of tin cans That wait to be hit, or to rust where they stand I'm singing this song for all us sinners in the room We know who we are and why we do what we do We loved too hard too fast too loose We loved too deep too dear too soon


A long time ago in a lovely 2nd floor apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Will Knox bought an old TEAC reel-to-reel tape machine to record himself and his friends. A few years later, Alec Gross and Jake Hill joined him in his family cottage in Handsome Ladies Cove, England, where they wrote songs together. A few years after that, they recorded those songs (to tape) in Upstate New York. A few years after that is April 20th, 2019, when they are releasing this record, '10-4 Good Brother'. Ooh wee, the wine is fine!


released April 20, 2019

Recorded live to tape at The Clubhouse Studio, Rhinebeck, NY
Engineered by Michael Tudor
Mixed by Will Hensley
All songs written by Alec Gross, Jake Hill, and Will Knox

Greg Barbone- piano, organ, keyboards, trombone
Nick D'Agostino - drums
Alec Gross - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonicas
Will Hensley - electric guitars, pedal steel
Jake Hill - vocals, acoustic guitar
Will Knox - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Tom Welsh - electric bass


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Handsome Lady Records Brooklyn, New York

Handsome Lady Records was born in New York City, October 2011 when 3 songwriters - Will Knox, Alec Gross & Jake Hill - acquired a tape machine, a microphone and some reels of tape. They started recording on this minimal set-up, and have stuck to this aesthetic ever since.

The label now features many Handsome songwriters & artists, all in the name of collaboration, cross-promotion & community.
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